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Realtor Resources Program

Realtor Resources Program: 1 yr Subscription Distinguish yourself from other Real Estate Agents, learn about ‘Green’ home and Energy Saving tactics and trends, and increase your client base. By informing buyers and sellers about ‘Green’ opportunities, you will also help to save the environment.

THE FOUR CORNERSTONES to building your business...

  • We are committed to helping Real Estate Agents across America build their business while also helping homeowners save money and the environment. In tough economic times, distinguishing yourself as a forward thinking Agent is key…
  • FACT: Over 1 Million Real Estate Agents work in America.
    FACT: Buyers and Sellers look to their Real Estate Agents for advise on the latest trends.
    FACT: The Green Movement is one of the fastest growing trends in America.
“I want to attract more Listings.”
Present yourself to a wider audience of home owners in your area. Sellers increasingly use the web to search for agents beyond the ones that they may personally know through friends or colleagues. By joining this program, you can:
  1. Represent yourself as an agent that is energy cost-conscious and ‘Green’ minded: See a Sample Broker/Agent website and see a 'Green Group' website
  2. List yourself on our National Real Estate Agent Directory with direct links into your email and website: See the State-by-State Directory
  3. Build Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your marketing to attract new listings. When you join this program, you can become a ‘thought leader’ in your area and submit up to one story per month through our GREENandSAVE News Bureau. Each story will directly link back to you and your website. See a Sample Article from and Agent
“I want to close current Listings faster with better offers..”
Attracting the right buyer is often the path to the best closing…
  1. Elevate traditional ‘staging’ with GREEN and Energy Saving STAGING Tactics. Our ‘Green Home Performance Guides’ set you on the right path to see where each dollar can make the biggest impact.
  2. Improve print ads and Multiple Listing Service descriptions by ‘highlighting’ the home’s: GREEN Advantages. You’ll learn how to find and promote what may already be energy efficient about your client’s home. Plus, Promote the GREEN Opportunities. You’ll learn what may be a hidden advantage of the home for ‘potential’ green initiatives that the buyer may embrace. As examples, homes that face south to the backyard with the right roof pitch may have a great opportunity for Solar Panels and homes with certain types of utility rooms are optimal for On-Demand ‘Tankless’ Water heaters. Buyers care more now than ever about the current and future operating cost of homes, so presenting the advantages and opportunities is a great way to attract more showings and offers.
“I want to activate my contact list and old client data base..”
Agents across America have typically built up a solid list of contacts. Rather than just sending out announcements of sales ‘in your area’, you can now deliver something that they can really use…
  1. Reward your past clients with a $100 Gift Certificate on a Home Efficiency Checkup. You will get up to $1,000 in Gift Certificates (10 @ $100 each) each month.
  2. Send or email Personalized ‘Green Marketing Materials’ like the Personalized ‘Family Guide to Going Green’ with lifestyle Tips and savings strategies. Plus potential clients with school age children typically welcome resources for their kids. Now, you can send them resources ranging from interactive media to ‘Quiz’ projects to engage the whole family. See the Eco Kids Resources
“I want to better communicate with clients to stay top-of-mind..”
Past, current, and future clients may now see you as a property expert, but in the new Green Economy you can become a favored resource…
  1. Automatically populate your website with relevant ‘Green’ News from a diverse range of categories including Green Building. To see the categories and sample content from our RSS News Feed
  2. Compose and submit stories through our GREENandSAVE News Bureau to reach new clients. The stories directly link back to you and your website. This is also a terrific way to build Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you join this program, you can submit up to one story per month as long as you are an active member. See a Sample Article from and Agent


When you join, YOU GET all of our tools and resources outlined here plus LIVE SUPPORT from one of our Certified Home Efficiency Consultants trained through the Eco Academy. There are over 180 trained specialists to date. The value of this package with the annual directory listing, resources and Gift Certificates is well over $1,500. We see Real Estate Agents as trusted ‘confidants’ to homeowners, so we have created this package for just $5 per month, because our organization’s mission is to Save Money and the Planet…one homeowner at a time! We launched the Realtor Resources in 2008, and we continue to welcome feedback from our members to constantly improve the range and type of offerings. JOIN US and build your business greener and better.


FREE 90 Day Trial for GREEN DESIGNEES through the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Green Resource Council. To learn more or to Enroll Now visit:

Personalized Marketing

Stay "top of mind" with these helpful seasonal tips to help your client and prospects save money, energy and the environment!

REALTOR Directory Listing

REALTOR® Directory Exposure

Add your contact info and make sure that you are seen by potential clients!


In addition to the Directory, GREENandSAVE powers three featured sections:

  • Carbon Footprint Calculator
  • Energy Savings - Scheduling an Energy Audit
  • Green Homes – Find a REALTOR®



"Family Guide to Going

Personalized Family Guide to Going Green

This twelve page guide is filled with helpful tips for both children and parents and is the perfect gift for past and existing clients.

Green Home Performance

High Performance Home Guide

This seven page guide will give you the necessary information to make sure you are giving your clients the most recent return on investment calculations for over 50 “green” projects.

RSS Feed "Green"
Article Content

RSS Feed "Green" Article Content

Gain access to our "green" article content for use on your personal website to help engage your visitors with timely news. Our team of writers updates this feed daily.

Gift Certificates

Give your clients (or take advantage of this yourself) the gift of savings with a $100 off Gift Certificate good towards a Home Efficiency Checkup. The Home Efficiency Checkup retails for $395 and guarantees to help save homeowners at least $500 a year (money back guarantee).


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