Green School Lunches

Shannon Buck - Columnist
Posted on Thursday 29th October 2009

My daughter’s school does not serve the healthiest, most appetizing food. As a result, I send food with her. While researching what foods I was going to send to school with her, we came across a more environmentally friendly way to prepare lunches.

We incorporated these reusable items into her lunches:

We are working to incorporate these tactics as money becomes available:

  • Wrap-N-Mats would be useful when packing sandwiches.
  • Wrap-N-Mat Snack Pouches would come in handy for homemade trail mixes and other items.
  • An eco-friendly lunch pack would help to bring all of these items together for the ultimate green lunch experience. We have decided to purchase an insulted pack.

We are using organic food choices as much as possible, as well as 100% whole wheat and grain products. Many of the items are homemade, as allowing us not to rely on pre-packaged, individual servings of food purchased from the grocery store.

By using these tactics, we are preventing waste and not adding to landfills. My daughter is also eating a healthier lunch when away from home.

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