Rocking to a New Tune – Reverb Helps Green-Up 2009 Summer Concert Tours

By Shawn Rice – Contributing Writer
Posted on Sunday 26th April 2009

This summer some of the biggest names in music will be heading on the road to share their music with fans across the country. While some bands, such as the Dave Matthews Band will be promoting a new album (Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King - release date of 6/2/09) several groups including DMB will be spreading a new message about reducing your carbon footprint. These artists have teamed up with Reverb to help make a difference.

Reverb is a non-profit environmental organization co-founded by Adam Gardner and his wife, Lauren Sullivan. Working along with musical acts like the Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, Reverb introduces eco-villages to concerts. The eco-village consists of alternative energy technologies, local and national non-profits, enviro-friendly products, voter registration and any other elements that the musicians would like to include. “To start somewhere you don’t have to change your whole world,” says Adam Gardner, guitarist and vocalist in the band Guster, about the efforts to green the planet.

Reverb’s goal with these eco-villages is to enhance the overall concert experience while educating, invigorating and inspiring fans to promote environmental sustainability. “We set up an eco-village for fans to see not only how good the product is but to learn from what the example is from doing what is right by the company. Making a decision that is good for the environment. Showing the little things that fans can do is huge,” Gardner says. The success of Reverb can be seen in its numbers. Sixty-three tours have been greened, 998 total events have been worked on and there has been a reduction of 52,278 tons of carbon dioxide.

Reverb’s Outreach

Gardner brought his message to Congress to discuss some of Reverbs’ experiences and to speak on the realities of the challenges facing the environment. “My big message to Congress was that not all bio-fuels are equal. Don’t reject across the board. Help the green industry and inspire and create,” Gardner says.

Reverb specializes in Greening Services (such as Carbon Neutral Concerts), Eco Village, Volunteer Coordination, and Fan Carbon Offset - over 80% of a concert’s CO2 footprint is from fan’s commuting to the concert venue. To learn more about Reverb and the tours that are being “greened,” check out their website, ReverbRock. Especially, check out tours featuring the The Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, and John Mayer.

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