How to Effectively Implement Eco-friendly Strategy to Your Office

Sarah Jessica Smith - Contributor

Posted on Monday 25th May 2020


Climate change is a real problem in the modern world. For this reason, everyone should be responsible and practice eco-friendly behavior in their lives. This means your office as well. If you own a business, it is important to show an example to your employees. Then, your employees may implement the same eco-friendly strategies at their own homes, thus fighting together against climate change. Without further ado, here are all the eco-friendly strategies for your office. 

Reduce the Use of Paper in Your Office

Deforestation is one of the main reasons for climate change and paper is made out of wood. Since you can do everything and anything online, why waste paper on printing only to throw it away after some time? You can run your entire business online without using too much paper. For example, pick suitable intranet systems for your business. You can share digital copies of training materials, handbooks, weekly schedules, and all the other necessary documents on the platform. In addition to this, it is wise to use social media for your marketing. Most people spend more time on social media rather than watching a TV or reading newspapers. Rather than printing your promotional poster, make a digital one, and share it on social media. Apart from this, you can use applications for running your business, instead of relying on hundreds of pieces of paper. 

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Cut Your Electricity Bill

This might seem like a contradictive from the first entry on the list. However, you will save time and be eco-friendly if you cut your electric use. For example, turn on the heater or the AC when you enter your office and turn it off when you finish your work. Do not leave it overnight since it is pointless to waste energy and electricity when your office is unoccupied. Then, you should use energy-efficient bulbs as it was proven it can save thousands and thousands of dollars annually. There is more than just replacing light bulbs. First, use smart power strips that turn off computers when they are not used. Next, you should use energy-friendly items, such as printer’s eco-mode, energy-saving refrigerators, phones, gadgets, etc. Solar power is also a great solution. However, do not forget to educate your employees on how to save energy. 

Encourage Healthy Lifestyle

You cannot escape stress in your everyday life. As you might know, stress is one of the main causes of countless diseases, including cancer. For this reason, it is extremely important to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle. These would include the following.

  • Riding bikes vs. driving a car – it would be better to ride a bike to work than to drive a car. First of all, you and your employees should lead an active life. This means exercising regularly. Since many people don’t have will or time to hit the gym, riding a bike is a great alternative.
  • Free transportation passes – since biking might not be available for everyone, then reduce carbon emission by offering free transportation passes to your employees.
  • Healthy diet – instead of ordering fast food, provide healthy snacks, offer healthy meals at your cafeteria if you have one. 

Go Green in Your Office

By going green, it really means, you should go green. Put plants everywhere you can. There have been countless studies that show all the benefits of plants. First of all, you should put huge plants to clean the air. Your employees will have more energy and work harder if they breathe clean air. Some of the plants that are best air purifiers are Dwarf Date Palm, Boston Fern, Weeping Fig, Devil’s Ivy, Philodendron, and many more. Not only will plants purify the air, reduce radiation and noise level, but they will also beautify your office space. When you have clients over, they will feel more comfortable in a room full of greenery as opposed to a sterile office. In addition to this, you should turn your roof into a beautiful garden. It would be like having a small oasis in the middle of an urban desert. 

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The last eco-strategies for your office

This is not the end. There are a few more eco-strategies for your office.

  • Recycling posters and educational material – even though you should reduce the use of paper, sometimes you need it. Clearly label recycling bins by printing the stickers. Make posters that promote recycling. In addition to this, place bins in some convenient places, such as near copier and in the break room. 
  • Avoid single-use items – instead of using plastic cups and plates, stock your break room with real dishware. Your employees can bring their own favorite cups. 
  • Paint your roof white – it might sound strange but is very effective when you want to save money by reducing your energy bill. 

As you can see, these would be all the important eco-strategies that you can implement and promote in your office. 

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