A Beginners Guide To Green Waste

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Posted on Friday 8th March 2019

To a lot of you out there, the term “green waste” itself might sound like an oxymoron, but rest assured of the fact that it is very much a reality. Sure, waste removal is something that all of us, directly or indirectly, pretty much deal with on an everyday basis. Whether it is something as simple as cleaning your house from top to bottom after ages or finishing a community project of sorts, it is vital that you separate your green waste.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you should not even identify your green waste, much less separate it. The long-term benefits of this process will be evident to you eventually. Doing so from the very beginning itself will ensure that the green waste ends up in a separate skip bin. In the long run, this will benefit both you and the environment at large.

What exactly is a Green waste?

It is basically biodegradable waste that mainly consists of park or garden waste on the whole. It can include grass and flower cuttings, hedge trimmings, branches, yard and shrub clippings to wood chips, bark, wood, and leaves of all shapes and sizes. Even though it is common to encounter all of the aforementioned materials, it is not easy to immediately recognize the main differences between green and other kinds of wastes.

A lot of people who are first-timers tend to get confused, which is perfectly normal, considering that they have had little to no experience differentiating between wastes. If you are still confused, one can either consult other people for information about the same or call an expert to identify the green waste among the heap of garbage. For the most part, people end up going for the latter and there are more than enough reputable skip bin hire services that are set up primarily for dealing with the green waste of all shapes and sizes.

Green waste recycling

Since it is the biodegradable waste, it should come as no surprise to anyone that can be decomposed and recycled into organic matter fairly easily. Once that has been done, the organic matter can be used for various applications such as fertilizer for a majority of the farms out there.

There are several means of processing green waste such as anaerobic digestion, gasification and composting. For all those of you who are still wondering, composting is the most popular method that is used and unlike the other processes, most people are familiar with the process of composting.

One of the main advantages of green waste when it comes to recycling is the fact that it can be processed through a different disposal method. This gives it a unique advantage that is simply not found in most other types of household wastes as well as plastic waste. Once the step of processing the waste comes into the picture, it can be turned into either compost or mulch.

In this regard, it is interesting to note just how much both compost and mulch help in the enrichment of the soil overall. Being the protective layer of organic materials placed on top of the soil, mulch insulates the soil, suppressed weed germination as well as reduce erosion. While, on the other hand, compost is nutrient-rich soil that is layered deep inside the soil to feed the plants through their roots.

The main benefits of recycling green waste

It should be noted that recycling any kind of waste, in general, is beneficial since, at the end of the day, there will be a lesser amount of rubbish that will end up rotting away in a landfill. Nowadays, many high-quality waste services actually provide skip bins that are dedicated solely towards collecting green waste and nothing else.

Doing your homework thoroughly about finding these kinds of services that specialize in recycling would be the ideal thing to do from the very beginning itself. Plus, there is no secret of the fact that more and more waste is being produced across the globe on a daily basis. Hence, the littlest step towards reducing our waste footprint on Earth matters in the long run. You can be absolutely sure of that fact in every way.

Here are the two main benefits of recycling green waste:-

  • You will be doing your bit towards contributing to the betterment of your environment on the whole. With most developed countries topping the lists of highest waste producers in the world, this is quite a bit deal indeed.

  • Carbon emission will be reduced on the whole since the same waste that would otherwise be spewing considerable amounts of methane into the atmosphere in a landfill, will now be used for fertilizer and compost.

With regard to the last point, it is important for you to note that the compost will benefit not only landscapers and gardeners but also community members as a soil enricher and soil blend.

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