Office Cross Ventilation

Spend $1,200 now and SAVE $120 each year... ROI = 10%

Office Cross Ventilation - Do everything that you can to maximize natural ventilation with operable windows. Since many offices do not have operable windows, an outside air economizer is the next best alternative. This resource has a separate section on optimizers which have a payback on average of 3.5 years. Properly designed and implemented natural ventilation strategies can save 50 to 80 percent of ventilation energy, which constitutes 7% of an office's annual energy costs. In addition to operable windows, consider a Heat Chimney and transom windows over doors to increase natural flow and cross ventilation. The added advantage of natural ventilation is that your reduce the potential for ‘sick building’ syndrome.

The EPA estimates that indoor office air quality is four to five times worse than outdoor air quality due, in many ways, to the fact that there are so many toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process of carpets, furniture and building materials such as insulation. If you have the opportunity to build a new office or renovate an existing one work with your architect or builder to find the right places for operable windows so that you create positive pressure streams that draw air through the office. Take a little time to study where the wind comes from at different times of day, and, if possible, at different times of year. Since offices are often filled with chemicals from the construction industry, 'flushing' your house not only saves money on air conditioning, but it creates a much healthier indoor environment for your and your employees. The ROI Calculation is based on adding design time to 'shift' the plan to a southern orientation for an addition or new office. Expert Architectural/Landscape Site design Services go for about $120 / Hour for 10 hours, but lead to savings of $10 a month over the course of the year.

Payback Time in Years: Added Cost: Annual SAVINGS 5 Year SAVINGS Return on Investment (ROI):
10.0 $1,200 $120 $600 10.0%


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