Office Water Heaters On Demand


Spend $450 now and SAVE $170 each year... ROI = 37.8%

Heating the water in your office accounts for about 6% of your annual energy costs, which averages to $34 per employee. The cost takes into account the energy needed for the hot water to wash hands as well as other aspects of office life such as washing dishes and coffee mugs in a break room. Consider a 'flash' or 'tankless' model that can save up to 50% over conventional systems.

Tankless water heaters initially cost about twice as much as a gas system, but the payback is quick, plus you get 'endless' hot water, because it flash heats the water as you use it. The old concept of keeping a tank heated up to 140 degrees all day everyday is rather inefficient given home use is often concentrated in morning and evenings, rather than the middle of the day. Basically, we may like to eat pasta, but it doesn't mean we should leave a pot of hot water boiling on the stove all day...

On-Demand systems cost between $400 and about $800 depending on the volume of hot water that you may need. These systems have been in use in Europe and Asia for years and improved the technology along the way. The ROI Calculation is based on a system that produces 7 gallons of hot water a minute - plenty for a small business of at least ten employees. A business with ten employees, typically using $340 of energy for hot water each year, can save $170 by using an on demand system. If you are already considering replacing your hot water tank, the you'll save even more because you can put the money towards the On Demand system.

Time in
5 Year
Return on
2.6 $450 $170 $850 37.8%

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