While your office must already be stocked with chairs, you may be thinking about upgrading in terms of comfortability or environmental sustainability.  But if you thought luxurious desk chairs could not also be environmentally friendly…think again. Thanks to Scientific Certification Systems and MBDC, LLC, the environmental sustainability of office products, such as desks and chairs, can be monitored closely. 

SCS’ Indoor Air Quality certification informs consumers on which products contain acceptable levels of formaldehyde and other chemicals that may be used in the production process.  The Indoor Advantage Gold certification also requires strict limits on the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in office products.

MBDC, LLC offers their own version of Indoor Air Quality certification with their program, Cradle to Cradle.  Certification as C2C Gold requires environmental sustainability throughout the production of the product, including using environmentally safe and healthy materials; a design that allows material reutilization, such as recycling or composting; the use of renewable or efficient energy; efficient use of water; and instituting strategies for social responsibility. 

Chairs that are certified by both programs are easy to find across the internet, and there are certainly options that are also designed ergonomically.

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You use your chair more than any other item in the office, so why not treat yourself to a chair you will definitely be comfortable with, and that will also be kind to the environment.  Do us all a favor, and check out, and their extensive selection of Eco Friendly Chairs. Click Here.

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