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Doug Hunt

In his obsession with being "Green", Doug has dedicated his time and energy to researching the news trends, new product releases, and overall opportunities for Americans. He has also found a voice that elevates the formulaic and often stale tone of the green ‘enthusiast’ to a whole new level. Doug is particularly fond of doing voice-work, for characters like those found in the “Old Hippies” and “Sister Mary Chlorophyll” skits on the Great Green Home Show, and he thoroughly enjoys writing comedy. Simply, he communicates from a foundation based on a diverse range of real world experiences. He is a critical thinker that makes no phony or schmaltzy excuses like, "I want to leave the world a better place than I found it" or "I want my children to have a beautiful world in which to live" or "I like trees and rocks and stuff". In fact, when questioned as to his motives for joining the Great Green Home Show in early 2007, he claimed to want to bring a halt to global warming for a purely selfish reason - in his words "I don't like to sweat". However, sources close to him have reported that he is, in fact, rather fond of "trees and rocks and stuff", and as the 4th of 5 children, the ‘sibling’ inside sources all indicate that the world will be a better place when he leaves it.

Doug’s diverse range of real world experiences:

The Great Green Home Show Co-host Doug Hunt is a true "Re-Naissance Man". While serving four years as an Electronic Warfare Technician in the U.S. Navy, Doug got his first taste of the entertainment business as the lead vocalist of the USS Stein's (not so great) "garage" style cover band. While onboard, he installed the entire ship's closed circuit entertainment system and was also responsible for all programming. He also got to do some really cool spy stuff. He won't go any further than that...

After being honorably discharged in 1984, Doug attended Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) to pursue a degree in Communications, yet somehow managed to graduate with a Bachelors degree in Finance. While there, Doug read news and sports for WGLS Radio and watched helplessly as his beloved institution of higher learning became nationally ranked in America's Top 40 Party Colleges.

Immediately after graduation, Doug went to work for JP Morgan in Wilmington, DE, spending time in the Private Banking, Corporate Lines of Credit and Domestic Custody divisions. To keep from losing his artistic mind, Doug found creative outlets in stained glass, stand-up comedy and music (another cover band, only much, much better this time, and they actually got paid - also where he met his lovely wife, Brenna).

After nearly ten years of “Big Banking” torture, Doug left JP Morgan to start his own business, ultimately building a successful insurance agency, Option Insurance Group. Doug attributes a great deal of his success to being able to meld his business and creative personalities to "entertain" clients, as opposed to simply selling them. Since there is now an overwhelming trend to ‘green-wash’ and sell the ‘green’ theme, Doug’s insight, perspective, and humor are simply…re-freshing.

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