Office Light Sharing

Spend $1,000 now and SAVE $120 each year... ROI = 12%

Find the right spots in your office that might benefit from extra light via transoms or doors that have clear or translucent panels. As an example, offices that are not the outside wall with a window and are adjacent to an interior hallway are a perfect place to take advantage of light sharing. You can reduce your lighting electricity cost by 50% to 80% with natural lighting. To put it in perspective, the average US cost of energy per employee is $568 of which $119 (21%) typically goes toward lighting. For an office of ten employees the annual lighting cost is $1,200.

For hundreds of years homes in Europe have included transoms for light and ventilation and the famous glass 'French Doors' were often used as interior transitions between rooms that would let light flow between the spaces. For over a thousand years in Asia, the translucent rice paper of the shoji screen has created a warm glow with 'ambient' vs. 'direct' light.

Now, there are many products available across a diverse range of styles, that are either clear or translucent to allow light in but create a sound break for privacy on business calls and meetings. The ROI Calculation is based on spending an additional $1,000 for light sharing tactics and savings 10% on the cost of lighting a 2,500 sq. ft. office each year.

Payback Time in Years: Added Cost: Annual SAVINGS 5 Year SAVINGS Return on Investment (ROI):
8.3 $1,000 $120 $600 12.0%


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