Office Heat Pumps / AC

Spend $1,000 now and SAVE $200 each year... ROI = 20%

Heating and Cooling accounts for about 35% - 45% of a small businesses energy costs. The US average ten person office generates $278 of cost per employee for a total annual Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) cost of $2,785. Consider a 'dual fuel' hybrid system with a gas furnace for very cold weather and a heat pump for mild weather.

The technology has improved, and you now get very warm air with heat pumps vs. very hot air with furnaces. You can save up to $200 a winter over a gas furnace alone. In mild winter climates, you don't need the back-up gas furnace and the savings are greater.

'Dual fuel' works best if you are considering replacing your AC system or adding a zone for a home remodel, because the heat pump doubles as your AC by pushing warm air out and cold air in over the summer. Think of it as a reversible AC unit.

For an office of ten that needs four months of heating, the average monthly cost is $312. A heat pump can save over 15% with savings of about $50 a month over 4 months of the winter. The ROI Calculation is based on a high-efficiency 2-ton heat pump with a special thermostat that costs $1,000 more than a 2 ton AC-only system. The added heat pump cost is easily recouped, and you can choose between the heat pump and gas furnace given temperate and fluctuating costs of gas vs. electricity.

Most electric companies offer discounts for heat pumps. To also get a $300 Tax Credit, choose a Heat Pump with a minimum HSPF 9 EER 13 SEER 15 or AC - EER 12.5/SEER 15 split Systems EER 12/SEER 14 package systems.

Time in
5 Year
Return on
5.0 $1,000 $200 $1,000 20.0%


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