Office Insulated Double Walls

Spend $900 now and SAVE $120 each year... ROI = 13.3%

Office Insulated Double Walls - Heating and cooling account for roughly 42% of an office's annual energy costs, so if you are considering renovating, expanding, or building a new office, you have a unique opportunity to create a smart building that will save you money.

The code requirement for walls typically calls for an insulation value of R-19. However, the codes are a minimum and were drafted before the surge in energy costs and concerns over climate change. You can boost insulation on new walls from R-19 to R-30 or even higher. Create a 2x10 wall (2x6 exterior structure with 2x4 interior). Think of an inefficient office as wearing a flannel shirt, an efficient office with an added sweater, and a high performance office with the shirt, sweater, and a parka.

In addition to energy savings, you get better sound protection since the double wall diffuses the sound waves. Offset the interior studs to diffuse sound waves or run horizontal spacing boards between the walls. The deeper sill at windows is a great visual feature. Spray-in insulation gives you the best performance, because it fills all of the crevices. Select a 'Formaldehyde-Free' insulation to save on air quality and health. A carpenter can frame about 6 lineal ft. of wall / hour with 16" on center studs, plus both top and bottom plates and fasteners.

The ROI Calculation is based on adding interior studs prior to the sheet rock, so you only pay once for finishing/painting. For a 30' long wall running 8' high, this factors in an additional $500 labor, $250 insulation, and $150 studs, and savings of $10 a month. Plus get Tax Credits. This opportunity is not for everyone, but it often only takes a few business leaders to chart a new course and break the intertia of prior standards.

Time in
5 Year
Return on
7.5 $900 $120 $600 13.3%

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