Before you enhance gardens
and outdoor living spaces,
See all of the choices that
SAVE Money for your Home.

As you work to transform yard space into a retreat for outdoor living and gardening take a minute to learn how your decisions can add beauty and generate savings. As an example, you can take a look at the fastest growing, and even ‘genetically improved’ trees, that flourish in your region by just entering your state. Browse though terrific options on solar lights that illuminate your hard work from probably more than a few yard work weekend efforts, and ‘Never Mulch Again’ by using recycled tire mulch that lasts for decades.

Throughout this Landscaping section and the site you can click on Home Remodeling products, resources, calculator tools, and directories. The home improvement ROI calculations are based on comprehensive research ranging from Governmental and University Studies to Homeowners with actual Performance Feedback. The data is based on a single family house with typical utility demand for a family of four. Our team has also provided the key information on how to TAKE ACTION on Landscaping. The web is loaded with information, which is often overwhelming, so we have and continue to research the most cost-effective products and also the best places to buy those products based on price and service. The overall 'Value' is the determining factor in our recommendations, and we put our money where our mouth is having used the research to determine what to buy for the prototype high performance eco-house remodeling project.

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