How Solar Energy Works: Part 2

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4:00 ESCI Delmarva #1 Sponsored by: Energy Services Group

This week’s episode takes place in Newark, Delaware at the home of Middle School teacher Stanley Karanski,… a crime has been committed and our ECSI Team is called on to investigate……..

I was minding my own business, sitting behind my desk with my feet up as usual, when the call came in. My Assistant Investigator, Tammy Argyle, was late again, so I answered it myself. “Energy Crime Scene Investigation, Jake Unguruhurr speaking” I said in my coolest film noir voice.

Widow Karanski: “Oh my Gosh, you have to come right away!!! I think he may already be gone!!!”, the caller shrieked. I took down her name and address and assured her we’d be right over. Tammy showed up just as I was walking out the door. “Let’s go Nose” I said. I call her “Nose” because she has a “Nose” for Energy Crime Clues.

Minutes later we arrived at the scene. Alejandro Rojas Vasquez O’Reilly, our best lab technician was already there. “Whatta we got?” I asked.

ARVO: “Wife’s inside speaking with the blues” he said. Blues are what we call uniform cops.

ARVO: “Looks like the ‘bill’ got to ‘im” he finished. I could hardly believe it. It seemed as though another homeowner had been “killed” by his electric bill. Tammy walked up from the side of the house.

Tammy: “Electric meter’s spinning like a dreidel on Hannukah” she chirped. That seemed a little odd since the house was completely dark. Once inside, we took over for the Blues. “Ma’am, did you leave anything on? Anything at all ma’am?” I asked the sobbing widow.

Widow Karanski: “I don’t think so. Maybe the cat accidentally turned on the vaccuum”, she said weeping. I looked over at the corpse. The “vic” still had the electric bill in his hand. I turned back to his wife. “Not likely ma’am”, I said. “Cat has an alibi… airtight I’m afraid… the dog can corroborate”.

Widow Karanski: “I don’t know. Maybe the light stays on when the fridge door is closed. I just don’t know!!!” she offered excitedly. I walked over the computer desk to take a quick peek at the peripherals.

Widow Karanski: “Oh my gosh”, did I leave the printer turned on?!!” asked the widow Karanski. “The fax ma’am…. just the fax” I replied.

We began to look for other clues and Tammy and I found them everywhere… phantom loads from electronic equipment that use remotes, like TVs and stereos. Cell phone chargers plugged in when they weren’t charging a phone. The kids left the Xbox turned on. An open microwave door… light from the internal bulb spilling out on the kitchen counter. It was ugly. “Ma’am. I think I found what killed your husband. We call ‘em ‘GHOST LOADS’ and they’re deadly” I explained. “You think you’ve turned off the TV, but the unit requires energy to keep it in standby mode so you can use the remote. That cell phone charger still uses electricity, even when the phone’s not plugged in. I’m sorry for your loss ma’am, but we have some work to do if we’re gonna keep you safe from the same evil”. I continued “Ma’am, we’re gonna send over some Home Energy Auditors. They can make your house safe again”. When’re people gonna learn?, I thought to myself. If we could only educate people how to use energy properly, we could end killer electric bills forever. I headed back to the office, knowing the phone would ring again… soon… far too soon

Listener Letters – 5:00 Sponsored by: CMI Electric

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It’s time for Listener Letters. What do we have Doug?

  1. Our first letter comes from Ellen Mason of Narberth Pennsylvania. Ellen asks: I don't have a house that faces south, so I'm not sure I can put solar panels on my roof is there any way to test and is there an alternative if I can't ?
    1. Soler Pathfinder, check for shade check the pitch,...
    2. ground mount, Pole Mount, tracker, ground rack, pergola, garage, carport
  2. Our next question is from Jessica Whitefoot, of Wilmington. Jessica says: How do I know which solar panels are best for my roof and which ones have the best bang for the buck.
    1. first find a reputable contractor who has a lot of installs under his/her belt and ask what products and why...get product lists ...make sure the inverters are reputable and cycle and depreciation, etc.... if this all sounds complicated go back to the contractor get his specs. We call our friends at the Delaware energy office and compare and have them rate the panels and the rest of the system.
  3. Our last letter is from of Bear. Shirley Winner wants to know: Is there anyone who hosts green lectures or festivals locally or really just any place I can go and learn all about green business and green opportunities? We may be able to announce the Green Expo by Thursday....

Thanks to CMI Electric for sponsoring this weeks Listener Letters. Remember, we’ll answer your questions too.

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