LED lighting G-ROI®

Top five areas with highest LED lighting G-ROI® payback in less than 2 years:

  1. Covered Parking Garages -24/7 (168 hours/week)
  2. Fire Stair Towers & Lobbies for Offices, Hotels, and Multi-Family Residential -24/7 (168 hours/week)
  3. High Bays for F actories, Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Gymnasiums -16/5 to 24/5 (80 to 120 hours/week)
  4. Restaurants, Country Clubs, Auto Dealerships, Showrooms, etc. Incandescent or Halogen Replacements for 10/5 to 16/5 (50 to 80)
  5. Wall Packs for service corridors and exterior lighting - 10/5 to 24/7 (50 to 168): Interior and Exterior


Figure 8: Cost/kWh by State
Source: LEDSavingSolutions.com from U.S. Dept. of Energy data
Figure 8: Cost/kWh by State


Types of lamps that yield the highest G-ROI® with an LED lighting retrofit:

  • Incandescent, halogen, or HID (Metal Halide/ Mercury Vapor)
  • T-12 fluorescent tubes of any length
  • T-8 fluorescent tubes of any length
  • T5s, quad pin CFL , Induction

Payback Horizon

Three key factors typically determine the payback of commercial lighting:

  1. Run time of the lights in the property, 10 hours a day vs. 24/7
  2. Level of inefficiency of existing bulbs, T-12 fluorescent, CFL, etc.
  3. Cost per kWh, 6 cents up to 23 cents


Bonus Factors

  1. Federal Tax incentive eligibility
  2. Utility rebate eligibility
G-ROI® Note

Research conclusion: Commercial LED lighting offers at least a 50% G-ROI® and a payback within two years if at least two of key criteria are met:

  1. High run time
  2. High cost per kWh
  3. Inefficient existing lamps

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