CO2 Reduction

Offset the pollution of your family car

10 great ways you and your parents can reduce CO2 emissions


= 200 lbs/year CO2 emissions



Action   Savings on CO2 lbs/year
Recycle half your household waste 2,400
Adjust your thermostat two degrees 2,000
Turn off electronic devices 2,000
Eat one less quarter pound burger a month 1,800
Reduce packaging garbage by 10% 1,200
Switch 6 light bulbs to energy efficient ones 900
Install two water efficient showerheads 700
Wash your clothes in cold or warm water 500
Check your tires 250
Drive two miles less each week 100
  Total Carbon Savings in Pounds 11,850


11,850 pounds CO2 = 5.9 tons CO2
5.9 tons CO2 = taking one midsize SUV
off the road!






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