Green Performance Gadgets

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Green Performance Gadgets (GPGs)


The term ‘gadget’ typically applies for something that leverages technology to solve some relatively small functional need. As the relevance of the solution and social impact increases, gadgets often evolve into innovations and eventually systems. Solar panels may have started as a gadget that transformed a little light into a little electricity. Needles to say, we keep our eye on Green ‘gadgets’ that have the potential to save money and the environment. At GREENandSAVE we look at Green Performance Gadgets (GPGs) that offer real functional advantages as well as savings for your wallet and the environment. As well, our research uncovers products that have great style.


For the home there are many green technology components that are embedded along with other systems. We do not classify a ‘Smart’ Programmable Thermostat, In-slab Floor Thermostats for Radiant Systems, or Light Switches that have timers and motion sensors, because they are not stand-alone items. The following five elements represent a few of the top sample GPGs that you may want to consider:


Power Free Air Filters

The EPA has determined that indoor home air quality is worse than outdoor air quality in part because of the extensive chemicals that are used in the construction process. Zero VOC paint is a start, but you may not have the budget to repaint your home. So, here is a way to improve the health and happiness for your family. Naturally, living plants filter air, so this ‘gadget’ is a micro-greenhouse that takes in the bad and releases the good air. Mathieu Lehanneur has created the Bel-Air Filter.
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Clean Energy – Portable Radio, Flashlight, and Cell phone Charger

Devises that have three functions in one unit are more efficient than a single use. As an example, the Freeplay Companion is a solar and hand-cranked mobile power charger that also happens to be a radio and a flashlight all in one stylish package. The unit is less than 5” long and 7 oz, and the renewable power generation can charge cell phones with either solar power or some sweat equity via your hand cranking. For emergencies, the radio and lighting are great additional benefits. Save the landfills from disposable batteries. The Freeplay Companion sells for just $32.00.
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High Efficiency Lighting on the GO!

Imagine the freedom to take light with you. A hand forged hollow steel tree is the charging station for three urethane pear-lights. Each pear contains ten ultra bright white LEDs, an autonomous charging circuit, and rare-earth magnets that allow it to be "picked" from the tree and remain fully illuminated for over an hour. To recharge each ‘pear’ just return it to the tree. Nick Foley has created this ‘Pear’ Light.
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Self-Filtering Water Bottles

Why pay a $1 or more for bottled water. Even if you recycle the toll on the environment is high because of the massive volume of plastics that is running through the system. Check out the 16oz. Water Filter Bottle with Level 1 Filter. The bottle treats up to 40 gallons of water, approximately 2 months of use under normal conditions. The 16oz bottle comes with a Level 1 filter, and is made from PET plastic. The filter test results meet or exceed International standards for chlorine, taste, and odor reduction. Convenient size for purse, bag, or gym use. Cost: $7.95 Also, checkout the 16oz. Sport Bottle with Level 2 Filter. The sport bottles are made from a much higher quality and more durable plastic. Filter included with the Water Filter Bottle System will treat up to 80 gallons of water, approximately 3 months of use under normal conditions. It removes chlorine, bad taste and odor, as well as a significant proportion of heavy metals, including Lead, Mercury, and Copper. Works great in standard bicycle racks and car holders. Simply fill bottle with water and drink. Bottle will filter the water as you drink! Cost: $12.95
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Re-Think Furniture

Imagine a shopping cart transformed into a lounge chair or a bathtub transformed into a sofa. Max McMurdo (UK) has designed a series of furniture from ‘cast-offs’ that have great style and function. The company Reestore literally restores the remnants of our disposable society.
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