Cross Ventilation

Spend $1,200 now and
SAVE $120 each year...
ROI = 10%


Work with your architect or builder to find the right places for the windows so that you create positive pressure streams that draw air through the house. Take a little time to study where the wind comes from at different times of day and if possible at different times of year.

Since houses are often filled with chemicals from the construction industry, 'flushing' your house not only saves money on air conditioning, but it creates a much healthier indoor environment for your and your family.

The ROI Calculation is based on adding design time to 'shift' the plan to a southern orientation for an addition or new home. Expert Architectural/Landscape Site design Services at $120 / Hour for 10 hours, and savings of $10 a month over the course of the year, and savings of $10 a month over the course of the year.

Good to Know: Place free standing or table top fans wisely - Summer - Choose energy-efficient units, and make sure that they support the cross-ventilation advantages of air flow.

If you are undertaking an addition or renovation, you may be able to align windows and doors across from each other to maximize air flow. In this case, the patio doors are across the living room from the windows, and in the upper photo, the doors to the garden are aligned with windows and doorways that traverse three full rooms.


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In this case the house is not just a box, but it has rooms that project out from the core areas to increase the number of opportunities for views and operable windows and doors. These openings are positioned across from each other and create air flow without being obstructed by a central stair or fireplace.

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