Reducing Power Costs: Part 3

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Overall Segment #3 – 12:00

Welcome back to the GGHS

Guest Segment Time – 12:00

David Mitchell buys and sells electric for large corporations and organizations. Dave gets the best price and aggregates his customers into a block which helps lower their prices for electricity....hew will tell us more

How are you this morning?

  1. Okay tell us a little bit about your background…
  2. When did you start in the electrical field?
  3. tell us about your business and how it operates...who can benefit....
  4. tell us how you see the grid and its health...1st what is the is it doing...the future....
  5. What about Delmarva ...explain how Delmarva works and where it gets its electricity.....
  6. Any comments on offshore wind and alternative energy....what do you think is the disconnect with Bluewater wind and Delmarva....
  7. Future of Electrical Production....
  8. Conservation for us all

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Overall Segment #4 – 9:00

Welcome back to the GGHS

Guest Segment (continued) – 7:30

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Sign-off, thank sponsors and crew, announce next weeks guests (Doug) – 1:00. We’d like to thank our sponsors: Suntrust Mortgage of Christiana, CMI Solar Electric, Energy Services Group, Green and,, Option Insurance Group and also our guest today: David Mitchell. We also need to thank our studio crew: Our engineer – John Lamonica and our producer – Brooke Chase - Join us next week when our guest is Scott Birney of the Sin City Band. Scott will be here to talk green and green musicians, and while he’s here, we’re going to twist his arm and make him play some blues and if we’re lucky, maybe he’ll play some greens as well. For Paul Hughes, I’m Doug Hunt. Have a great week everybody.

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