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Music & Introduction – 2:00

Introduction – Welcome & show explanation say hi to stat man Doug Hunt and I am Nature Boy - Paul E. Hughes....the Green Fox is always around collecting the latest stories on conservation, preservation, and new technologies

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Today’s guest(s) – Congressman Michael Castle Talks about Global Warming and other important issues

Today’s show topic or theme – Conservation… Your Best Sustainable Energy Tool... Waste not… Want not...Your Home, Your Power, Your Bill – Your Choice. Doug what do we have next….

On Location With Cletus – 3:30 Sponsored by: Energy Services Group

Today we’re talking with Professor Cletus T. Beaumont, our Forensic Road Kill Pathologist, who’s on location at the Cherry Island Landfill, looking for the Mother Load. Apparently Professor Beaumont is on a mission to see what sort of habitat Cherry Island is and what kind of wildlife can be found there. And as always, we want to know: Are they thriving and if so, can they be cooked?

Doug: Hello professor, are you there… can you hear me? Prof: You’re comin’ in loud and clear Dougie-boy. What a view I have from up here. Too bad I don’t have that “stink-o-meter” from your last ECSI segment, but then again, this most odiferous landfill probably would have broken it anyway. P.U.!!! You gotta see this out here! There’s a mountain of trash. I mean, literally, a mountain of stuff that could have been recycled! I gotta whole collection of mannequins set up for a baseball game. I’m just waitin’ for the call back from the Phillies. They might actually have a shot at beatin’ these dummies, cause they’re… well, they’re dummies…

Doug: Excuse me Professor, but just exactly what are you doing at the Landfill? Prof: Well as you know I am one of the worlds foremost authorities on road kill and it is my theory that most of the victims are killed by cars…..

Doug: You don’t say? Prof: Yes Doug. After years of extensive research, I….Holy dead, tasty mackerel…you should see summa this stuff, tvs, socks, plastic bottles, paper, paper, and more paper and glass bottles, your old golf clubs, food containers, packaging, glass windows, plastic bags…. You know there’s metal, plastic, paper and glass all over this place…..and not a dead animal in site…..usually I can smell ‘em… but here…..well I know people are sick to death of hearin’ “green this” and “recycle that”, but somebody has missed the point…you know they make countertops and tiles from recycled glass. There’s siding, decking and even clothes made from recycled plastic. They can even make rugs, clothes and draperies from recycled rugs, clothes and draperies!….is any body else dizzy… and paper, man we would never, ever have to cut down a tree again….

Doug: So Professor, what exactly are you doing there at the Landfill? Prof: Me? Well, as you know, there is no end to the voraciousness of my search for traffic induced wildlife fatalities and on occasion I explore obscure locales for cadavers of the less fortunate species. Unfortunately, today my lack of any such findings leaves me lugubrious and downtrodden, insofar as I’ve been unable to locate any of the aforementioned critters.

Doug: I’m sorry Professor, could you please translate that into English please? Prof: Yes Doug… I’s lookin’ for some roadkill and I couldn’t find none and it makes me sad.

Doug: Thank you Professor. Remember, next week Professor Beaumont joins us live from the mobile phone recycling center.

Today’s Green Tips - 3:30 Sponsored by: Suntrust Mortgage of Christiana

Alternative sources of power and cleaner fuels, to answer the Question of where do we find the new or different energy sources to replace the finite dwindling dirty ones ...

  1. solar Active and Passive collection...air, water, and heat
  2. geothermal
  3. hydro
  4. wave power
  5. solar collectors, solar reflectors...
  6. Wind power, large and small...
  7. Recycling waste oil, vegetable... bio-diesel fuel, other
  8. Battery power... Lithium and others, electric hybrids
  9. Hydrogen: Fuel Cells and direct burn....
  10. Ethanol, and grain or algae, production
  11. Conservation, reducing travel and staying closer to home, simplifying life and motion...
  12. Design, integrated low e designs,..
  13. Pooling resources, sharing rides, homes pools,
  14. Mass transit... Light Rail... Busses, bikes...
  15. Fusion? And Nuclear... Risky and Possibly Dangerous

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