Green Building and Renovating: Part 3

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Guest Segment – 12:00 Sponsored by: Option Insurance Group

Today's theme is all about (if you hadn't already guessed) green building and renovating… saving energy and saving money.

Today’s guest is an architect with almost two decades of experience in high performance green home design and remodeling since writing his thesis on GREEN Architecture at PENN's Graduate Architecture School back in the early 1990s. He is a sought after speaker on next level design due to his groundbreaking work and specific focus on the integration of great function and style along with significant cost savings and environmental sustainability. He and his wife teamed up and completed the transformation of his old two bed room house into a four bedroom High Performance solar and eco-friendly home for their family.... so without further ado, I want to welcome Charlie SZORADI to the Great Green Home Show. Charlie and his wife are the founding team of one of the best business websites on the Internet. We'll probably say it over and over again, but it's

Welcome Charlie. Thanks for joining us today.

I have to say… the site is impressive, easy to use and amazingly comprehensive. It’s a home-building and renovation site with loads of information on everything from CFL's to radiant floor heating, from Energy Star appliances to low VOC paints. There's so much information there on remodeling & designing your house, and saving money. I personally think it's one of the best sites I've ever seen of any kind and it’s so user friendly and easy to navigate around on.

  1. How did you get into being green...where did it all start....
  2. What the state of Green Building in America as you see it....
  3. You have some Green fixes for us....let’s dig in....
  4. Tell us about your site and your business
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    Guest Segment (continued) – 6:00

  6. The do you see green building progressing, what new tech is here and coming along.
  7. Tell us about your house...what are the green elements...what is it like living in a Green Home.
  8. Top 5 recommendations for homeowners...

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Hopeful and Up stuff from around the planet and right here in our backyard

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We’d like to thank our sponsors: Suntrust Mortgage, CMI Electric, Energy Services Group, and Option Insurance Group and also our guests today: Charlie Szoradi from We also need to thank our studio crew: our engineer – John Lamonica and our producer – Brooke Chase. Please join us next week when our guest will be Katherine Maroney of Ecoscorp who’ll be here to talk to us about the greening of corporate America.

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