Music Legend Bob Weir joins Leilani Münter and GREENandSAVE at DAYTONA


For more info and photos of Bob Wier signing the race car in this article: Leilani Munter Drives First All-Eco-Sponsored Car in Danica Patrick-Frenzied Daytona ARCA Effort

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The DAYTONA race generated over 200 article mentions of Leilani Münter and GREENandSAVE even before the ‘Start Your Engines’ call, and one of the media highlights was the visit by music legend Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and now RatDog. See the full story on the Eco Dream Team sponsorship.


“I first saw the Grateful Dead perform live over 25 years ago, so it was a real thrill to have Bob Weir come out to DAYTONA and support our effort by adding the RatDog ‘Steal your Face’ Sticker and sign our GREEN Team race car.” said Charlie Szoradi, GREENandSAVE President.


One of GREENandSAVE’s youngest staff members has over 60 Grateful Dead Albums and this just proves that the music transcends generations to this day. After the race, the Weir family also invited members of the team to see the Further Festival concert in Orlando. Szoradi goes on to say, “Seeing the end of the show with Bob’s family back stage was an awesome end to an incredible day. I love the juxtaposition between the energy on the Daytona track and the Hard Rock stage…especially when it comes to the different types of fans. Bob Weir has seen it all and simply gets it. Moving America towards energy independence takes a collective effort whether it is serving as a member of an iconic band or a race car team.”

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