Renewable flooring materials like Bamboo cost less than hardwood and look great. Bamboo grows significantly faster than hard wood so it is sustainable. Some bamboos grow to over 60 feet in just 6 months.


The ground temperate is a constant that you can use to heat and cool your house. Over the summer the deep ground temperature is warmer than the air and into he summer it is cooler. The 'ground-source heat pump system' uses underground water from a 1,000-foot deep well and pumps, that are basement heat exchangers to move the water.


Heating and Cooling accounts for about 35% - 45% of a home's energy cost. Consider a 'dual fuel' hybrid system with a gas furnace for very cold weather and a heat pump for mild weather. The technology has improved, and you now get very warm air with heat pumps vs. very hot air with furnaces.


ENERGY STAR® qualified ceiling fans move a greater volume of air with less power by taking advantage of advanced motor features and design. Some models also incorporate CFLs for even greater energy savings.


When replacing or adding windows, choose ENERGY STAR® qualified windows with a U-Factor of 0.35 or less. The lower the U factor the better, since it measures heat transfer throughout the whole window unit. Low Emissive (Low-E) windows help reduce your energy bill up to 15%, by lowering the way that the windows transfer heat, and they reduce fading by up to 75%.

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How to Be More Eco-Friendly at Home

Making your home more eco-friendly is not complicated. Some online resources would have you spending a small fortune to conserve energy and water. But. do you really need to do that? Turning your property into an eco-friendly home is a lot easier than you think. As a matter of fact, you can get most of the work done in 48 hours. That would be a great way to spend a weekend.

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