LED Lighting
Why pay for conventional lighting that uses more power to create heat than light? Use 16% less energy with LEDs and they last 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
Mass Transit and Carpooling
Don’t overlook the energy use or environmental impact represented in a parking lot. The daily energy used in transport to and from a building can exceed the energy used by the building itself.
Chairs that are certified by both programs are easy to find across the internet, and there are certainly options that are also designed ergonomically.
Office Solar Electric
Why assume that the investment payback is too long? Let the sun work to power your office and you can spend the time to review the tax credits and state incentives to make the numbers work.
Office Radiant Floors
Why assume that hot air blowing around your office is the best way to go? Radiant floors with water or electric systems increase comfort and decrease heating costs by up to 40%.

The ROI Guides to a More Green Office

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