3 Key Steps on Your Path to a New Career

1) Online Training launchpad- $295

Enroll Today This is the perfect jumpstart for any individual interested in a new career, extra income from part time work, or saving energy and money on their own home. This online program has been developed from a live training curriculum that has sold out classes. After the Eco Academy saw trainees make extraordinary efforts to take planes, trains, and automobiles across state lines for the live classes, we developed the online training for people to join in the opportunity. Now you can review the material at your own pace and also tap our live staff via the continuing education if you choose to go down the path of Certification.

The training includes access to the following:

  • Online training presentation
  • “Shadowing” video (watch an expert perform a Home Efficiency Checkup)
  • Home Efficiency Consultant Manual - includes Federal Tax Incentive “De-Coder”
  • Online Reporting Tools for generating sample Home Efficiency Checkup Reports (10 day trial)

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2) Certification - $395

For those individuals that have completed the online training and are interested in becoming a Certified Home Efficiency Consultant this will provide them with all the necessary tools to become certified in as little as 30 days.

The certification includes access to the following:

  • Enhanced Multimedia Online Presentation - includes “Go To Market” Content on Business, Legal and Marketing Strategies
  • Online Reporting Tools for generating sample Home Efficiency Checkup Reports (60 day usage)
  • Our team of professionals who will review and provide feedback on your five (5) sample Home Efficiency Checkups
  • Certification Test Prep and Administration

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3) One Year Association Membership - $360

Membership in the HEC Association provides the Certified Home Efficiency Consultants to the following benefits:

  • Access to our online Home Optimizer Tool needed to generate the Home Efficiency Checkup Report (1 year)
  • Access to our Marketing and Support Materials
  • Free Continuing Education (1st Tuesday of every month) - Live in the Philadelphia area training facility or via telecom/webinar. When available video from special presentations will be uploaded online.

Total Cost: $1,050

Enroll Today Special Offer - Sign-up before December 31st, 2009, “Energy Independence Day” for both the Online Training ($295) and Certification ($395) and we will reduce the cost from $690 to $500. Plus, we will include a one (1) year Association membership for free ($360). This is a $1,050 value for just $500.