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We built GREENandSAVE over ten years ago (2007) as a free sustainability resource to home and business owners. The site has thousands of pages, and Google deemed the content worthy of earning status as a Trusted Google News Feed Provider. The content goes live automatically into the Google data base on the same day of the posting. Here are the stats: Page Authority: 45 and Domain Authority: 36

This is an excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opportunity for content providers. We are set up so that approved Contributing Writers can add content directly to

After you review the information below and at anytime in the content submission process, feel free to contacts us - Charlie Szoradi:



Please register here (

Then send an email with subject line "GREENandSAVE Contributor Request" to along with one or more links to prior articles that you have written, Instagram profile, Twitter page, or ideas on articles that you would like to contribute.

We will review and approve you as a Contributor or provide feedback. Please note that each of your articles can include links to your blog, website, or relevant cleantech company websites or sustainability resources. Approved articles will have content that is informational and not just self-promotional. Case Studies and Press Releases are accepted, but we prefer content that is at least 30% original from other postings online.

We welcome writing that addresses sustainability and energy intelligence. Third person journalistic Associated Press style is preferred, with source links wherever relevant.

Qualifications & Terms of Use:

By using this GREENandSAVE Contributing Writing service, you must abide by the following:

  • You must be registered with GREENandSAVE and have a valid email address.
  • Your postings must be constructive in nature, and pertain to "green" topics; from reflections on daily life to interests, events, trends, performance case studies and more. Accompanying photos and graphics must be public domain or you must have authority to use them.
  • Contributing Writers may make up to four (4) submissions per month to the GREENandSAVE News Team.
  • Contributing Writers will make every effort to conduct adequate research when citing statistics and provide sources accordingly.
  • By submitting your writing to GREENandSAVE, you give full permission to have your material featured in the GREENandSAVE News section.
  • We understand that your writing is your property by law. You keep all copyrights.

GREENandSAVE makes no guarantee that your work will meet approval for publishing 100% of the time. Our editorial team may make recommendations for content improvements on a case-by-case basis, and you may accept the recommendations at your discretion.

STEPS TO CONTRIBUTE (Once you have registered, and we have approved you as a Contributor)

Note: This may look complicated, but it is to ensure quality and search optimization to bring more readers to your content. After you have posted the first article, the upload process goes quickly.

Login here:

1: Click the green box "Add content"

2: Click "Green News" (This is the key area with the feed into Google News) The "Articles" sections are available for Editors on a case-by-case basis, while Contributors have access to Green News.

3: On the content form:

3.1: In the Title field: Add your title (Tip: Use relevant keywords in the title)

3.2: In the Taxonomy field, type "Green" and then choose from one of the choices below the word Green Blog. For more choices like “Green Politics” type Politics or “Green Science and Technology” type “Science”. Select just one per article. 

3.3: In Author field, write your full name or first name followed by “ – Contributing Writer”

3.4: For the Caption Image, click "Browse" to select your image. (Note the site will automatically resize the image if it is larger than 300x300). Google News typically posts images that are cropped to a square, so we recommend having the key image or information at the center of a typical horizontal photograph. If you feel that text is more appropriate for the image area than a photograph, we recommend going with bold type or few words for maximum legibility. See our News section for some examples. Feel free to use a program like PPT, to quickly create a background rectangle, add text, group, and then “Save as Picture.” This is an easy way to add an image, which we require with each post. Note: Only use images that are either public domain or ones where you have the authority to use the image. If you are uncertain as to the rights to use the image, then you should default to a graphic/text treatment that you create.

3.5: In the Body field, add your copy, and you do not need any html. If the page does not load, you may need to clean the copy. Sometimes copying and pasting it into Powerpoint and then copying it out of Powerpont, eliminates any remnant formatting issues from a text file. Please make sure that the content is informational and not too much of just an advertisement. Formatting note: We have found that for mobile devices, the first line of the body copy sits in the area above the image, which is less optimal than having it flow into the next line. So, please just put your cursor at the beginning of the body copy, and hit “enter” to leave a return space above the first line of your body copy.

3.6: Publication Options radio buttons - leave "Default" (This puts it at the top by date/time of posting)

3.7: Click Preview if you want to see it, or "Save".

3.8: When you save it, it should appear with pinkish tinted background. This means that it is ready for us to approve for publishing to the public. Email: with the subject "GREENandSAVE Article Review Request"

3.9: We will publish or reply to you with a note like, "We recommend these refinements," and we will include in the email the change recommendations for you to make to the article. Then repeat the steps above.

3.10: We publish your article to the public!



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