Indoor Farming plus Made in USA LED Grow Lights: Profile 1.32

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Posted on Monday 21st August 2017


This is one of the profiles in an ongoing series covering next generation
agriculture. We are seeing an increased trend for indoor farming across the United
States and around the world. This is a positive trend given that local farming reduces
adverse CO2 emissions from moving food long distances. If you would like us to review
and profile your company, just let us know! Contact Us.
Company Profile: O'ahu Fresh
Here is an example of a network of local farms in Hawaii delivering food that is locally grown.
Here is some of the “About Us” content: Oahu Fresh is made up of a network of local farms.  We connect our members, including families, restaurants, stores, hotels, and schools, to locally grown products.  We deliver a weekly bag of farm fresh produce directly to homes, offices or centralized pickup locations in Honolulu, Kailua, and Leeward Community College just to name a few. In addition to providing farm to home and office delivery, we also provide delivery support for farms by picking up farm fresh products and delivering them to restaurants, grocery stores and hotels throughout Oahu.  We also provide business development support, project management assistance, and grant writing services to farms.  So, not only are we expanding the market for local farms, we’re providing the business and logistical support to help them succeed and grow.
Here is the link to learn more:
To date, the cost of man made lighting has been a barrier for indoor agriculture. A new
generation of LED lighting provides cost effective opportunities for farmers to deliver
local produce. Warehouses and greenhouses are both viable structures for next
generation agriculture. Here is one example of next generation made in USA LED grow

light technology to help farmers: Commercial LED Grow Lights

 For more information about Indoor Farming and the American Association of Urban Farmers, see:



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