Company [GREENandSAVE] Shows People and Businesses how to Save some Green by... Being Green

Samantha Trager, Mainline Media News
Posted on Thursday 2nd September 2010

When Braxton's Animal Works in Wayne decided it was spending too much money on its electrical-lighting bills, it went to the Green and Save company in Devon for help.

In October of 2009 Green and Save conducted a case study with the pet-supply shop and convinced it to upgrade its light bulbs to light-emitting diode (LED) lights. After the switch, the family-owned and operated business learned it had saved hundreds of dollars from its utility bill.

Before using the LED lights, Braxton's Animal Works paid $761 each month but after upgrading to LED lighting only $100.56. Seeing that the monthly savings was $660.44 over the 80,000 lifetime hours of LED lights, it is clear that by hiring Green and Save, Braxton's Animal Works business made the right decision.

Green and Save estimates that Braxton's Animal Works will save a total of $260,631 for the life of the bulbs. It was proven through this study that by changing to LED lighting, companies and homeowners could save 80 percent or more on electrical-lighting bills.

And that's the example that Green and Save president Charles Szoradi wants everyone to know about.

“The goal is to change the weather through the energy reduction, because each dollar saved by clients saves between 8 and 13 pounds of CO2 emissions. By saving money they help save the planet,” said Szoradi.

By providing knowledge, training and tools, Green and Save offers a multi-faceted approach to change stereotypes about becoming environmentally conscientious. It provides home-efficiency checkups to identify what is needed to make homes more energy-efficient. It's also the first company to provide complete Return on Investment (ROI).

Szoradi said that Green and Save saves money for home and business owners and educates and trains people entering jobs in the green economy.

Professionals including real-estate agents, contractors and home inspectors have taken Green and Save's training courses.

“Green and Save aims to make an environmental impact while also making financial sense to clients,” said Szoradi. “Like energy detectives, trained professionals at Green and Save find ways to help home and business owners make the most improvements for the lowest cost.”

The president said that Green and Save is not only a product company but dedicated to education, offering classes for students in grade, middle and high schools. The curriculum focuses on teaching math and science in a green way. Students participate in in-class and take-home projects that go along with the curriculum.

Green and Save is also in charge of the ECO Academy's Home Efficiency Consulting Curriculum. This curriculum focuses on educating Eco Academy students on building homes that are better for the environment, are healthier for the homeowner and save more energy.

Students studying in this curriculum learn about the ROI approach. They are also taught to think of a house as an “organism” instead of an “object.” This is also beneficial because techniques are shared that can give homeowners the chance to save $500 in just one hour.

Szoradi added that the Devon-based Green and Save has made a positive difference for single families, multi-family apartments, universities, hospitals, retailers, warehouses, factories, office buildings and parking garages. Parking garages have the highest demand for LED lighting because the lights are on all day.

Locally the Bryn Mawr Trust Bank's LED retrofit was one of Green and Save's largest projects.

This post originally appeared in Mainline Media News.

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