The 'Step by Steps' of the LED Green Light Grant Program

Posted on Tuesday 7th December 2010

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Energy Grants and Energy Rebate programs are often mired in complexities of paperwork that deter prospective beneficiaries from even starting down the path. If you are a business owner, property owner, or property manager, that does not have time for a lot of paperwork, then this program may be for you. To earn up to $10,000 in LED grant funding for your property click here and the form takes only a few minutes to fill out.  Full details on the Green Grant program for LEDs can be viewed here

Once you submit the online form, the Program Administrator will inform you if you have qualified. If you are qualified then the following steps unfold in what LED Saving Solutions (LSS) calls the ‘Lighting Roadmap’ :

Step 1: Options Sampling

·Provide the minimum $250 security deposit (Fully Refundable) for the LED products that you would like to review for your property. With this option, you will work with one of LSS' in-house energy analysts to identify the most applicable sample(s).

·Order more than the minimum $250 of samples to assess a more comprehensive lighting area or multiple areas. This option includes the 50% deposit on the Manufactured Suggested Retail Price.

Step 2: Lighting Audit

·You provide LSS with key information, such as; the number of lights you would like to replace, type of existing lights, and the hours of daily operation, plus any other key information relative to your facility.

Step 3: Savings Report

·LSS will provide a ‘ Savings Report’ utilizing their software and in house expertise to prepare solution paths for your review. These savings reports will also show the payback period in months and the Return on Investment with a calculation specifically showing the 25% Grant Advantage.

Step 4: Purchase Order

·Only upon your approval and request, having reviewed the samples and the savings report, will LSS prepare a purchase order.

Step 5: Installation

·You may choose your own installer or request LSS installation support services, and they will provide the recommended installers accordingly.

Contact Matt Young or visit this site for more information.

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