How often should I have my heating system checked?

Is it important to have my heating system tuned up regularly? If so how often and when should I replace my filter?
The Expert Answer:
An annual inspection and tune-up of your heating system is a good idea to ensure both the efficiency and safety of your heating system. If you have a forced air heating system, when your service tech is there, ask them how to replace the air filter if you don’t know how. Keeping a clean filter in your furnace is an easy and cheap way of keeping your system at peak efficiency. If your filter is full of dirt, there is less air flow to receive the heat your furnace is producing and if the heat can’t get transferred to the air, it will just go up your chimney. Most air filters should be replaced every 1-6 months (depending on the type of filter). Ask your service tech what service interval is best for your system.
February 29, 2008 at 10:56 pm :: Comments to date:
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