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Brian Wiseman - Contributing Writer
Posted on Tuesday 16th June 2009

If you are looking for interesting green gifts and you happen to come across, do yourself a favor and look around. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the unique selection of gift bags offered on the website, as well as the miscellaneous products scattered on different pages.

In a statement, founder Suzanne Lippe introduces Full Spectrum Living, a new approach to eco-friendly living. Rather than propagating the green –associated with money - and an industry filled with items that aren’t always efficient, Full Spectrum Living expects people to become active in their eco-minded pursuits, altering their everyday habits beyond what the company can do for them. All of their products are organic, fair trade and they make it very clear each step of their business is carefully mined for more efficient practices.

For the gardener, try the Green Thumb Gift Bag with hemp gloves, Seedballz, a ball of clay filled with assorted seeds, and homemade soap. GAGB recently unveiled the Full Spectrum Living Kit, aiding the customer in their conversion to a cleaner lifestyle. Included are not only hemp and agave sponges, recycled plastic spray bottles, biodegradable containers and trash bags manufactured from corn, but also recipes on how to make your own home cleaning products with supplies and materials on how to save money while saving your planet.

Proceeds from each purchase at GAGB go to different charities working with the company.

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