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Renewable Energy On The Dance Floor

Steph Helmig - Contributing Writer
Posted on Wednesday 22nd July 2009

The world's first sustainable dance club, Club WATT, located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, introduces a new approach for clubs, festivals and events to create a better future while having a good time.

With their "People. Planet. Party" mission, the club invites all to come dance and create a new type of energy. The dance floor panels move one centimeter every time the dancer's feet hit, powering a generator to light the neon floor. Each person has the capability of producing 20 watts of energy through movement. No movement? Well, you'll be standing in darkness.

Club WATT took another step in "going green" by saving 30 percent on energy through LED lighting, 50 percent on water with rainwater catching systems and waterless urinals, cutting CO2 emissions by 30 percent and reducing waste by 50 percent.

Presently, the generators only light the dance floor but Club WATT hopes to power more of the club's systems, as well as open more venues around the world in the future.

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