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Give the Gift of Green Chic: Doie Runyon Hoodie and Pants Set

GREENandSAVE Community
Posted on Thursday 19th November 2009

The Doie Runyon hoodie and pants set is the perfect gift for the eco fashionista who wants to be both stylish and comfortable. This eye catching set is made from organic cotton and 100% printed silk crepe de chine. This exclusive, gorgeous, silk print was designed just for Doie and cannot be found anywhere else.

The outfit moves seamlessly from lounging to lunching and looks great by itself or layered under a coat. Doie clothing is made locally. By using local production facilities in Los Angeles, California, the company is able to reduce their carbon footprint and provide jobs for people in the community.

The hoodie ($60) and pants ($44), as well as other chic gifts, can be found at in the Los Angeles collection.

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