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The LED Tube Challenge

Posted on Tuesday 10th April 2012
Internal Drivers are a cancer that literally burns the Phosphor that dictates the Specified Color Temperatures. Plus, the burn reduces the output of the light. Internal 'End Dependent' Drivers are no better than other Internal Drivers, because upon failure, the whole tube needs to be replaced.

The Chairman of Independence LED Lighting, Charlie Szoradi, presents their LED tube technology and the advantages of LEDs that are made in America with domestic and imported components to meet the Buy America standards and the UL Classification. In the ten segment presentation, Mr. Szoradi addresses the thermal management and modular approach to the US Made LEDs for the most common LED tube applications: 2' LED tubes, 4' LED tubes, 6' LED tubes and 8' LED tubes, plus UL Listed Fixtures, such as the 2 tube vapor tight fixture. The LED tubes and multi-tube fixtures reduce electricity costs by 50% or more, and they replace fluorescent tubes and metal halide fixtures.

Each segment averages just over one minute, and the total Independence LED tube video with all of the segments runs twelve minutes. See the full set of 10 Videos

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