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A GREENER 4th of July with LED Tubes and Fixtures

Posted on Wednesday 2nd July 2014
Trends towards “green” thinking have been in the marketplace for many years, but now a company that manufactures its products in the United States is taking “Green” to the next level. This July, Independence LED (, an award winning US manufacturer of LED tubes, plans to launch its “Energy Independence Day” program. For many years, LED tube technology has been on the forefront of the energy efficiency movement as a replacement for the common fluorescent tubes found across America, and Independence LED is looking to spread their use nationwide.

With its new program, Independence LED aims to provide small businesses with multiple incentives to make the switch to LED technology. To the first 1,000 eligible small businesses that register, Independence LED will offer to cover up to $10,000 of project costs through several incentives like a “Cash for Clunkers” program that offers to buy back existing fluorescent tubes as well as energy savings analyses and Manufacturer Direct Pricing on orders throughout the month of July.

Payment coverage on installation labor for samples is a key bonus that the company is offering for the first time. Sales and subsequent energy savings typically come after someone has seen LED tubes, LED bulbs, or LED fixtures in their own ceiling. This jump start, with Independence LED paying for the installation labor, may help reduce the friction and motivate business owners to test drive American Made LEDs. Plus, the company offers $0 upfront cost financing for customers that request positive cash flow from the beginning.

Based on the calculations in the program, there are 2.3 billion fluorescent tubes in American ceilings, according to the U.S Department of Energy. The annual savings with LED tubes would be $16.5 billion and 184.9 billion lbs of CO2. Over the 20 year life of the LEDs, the savings would be $331.2 billion and 3.7 trillion lbs of CO2. This is just for changing fluorescent tube lights to LED tube lights in the U.S. With socket and other bulbs, the savings numbers could increase to over $600 billion and 7 trillion lbs of CO2.

For the savings calculations, full program details, and registration information see:

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