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First Light Project Launches with LED tube lights for Africa

Posted on Thursday 11th October 2012
Philanthropy and Service come in new "Green" forms across the Energy Economy.

The FIRST LIGHT PROJECT is one of the new service initiatives by Greater Philadelphia based Upper Main Line ROTARY and Independence LED, specifically to aid Developing Countries. The initiative is supported by product donation matches from Independence LED and fundraising though the ROTARY and other sources. The regional ROTARY Clubs have supported organizations like Power Up Gambia in the past. This fall, the First Light Project has forged a strategic relationship with Power Up Gambia to help Create Renewable Energy and also Reduce Wasted Energy. This dual approach is aimed at creating "Net-Zero" cost of operations facilities in the parts of the world that need it most for health care and education.

October NEWS:

November 14th Event: Power Up Gambia Fall Fundraiser with "First Light Project"

For event information contact: Lois Davidson, Director of Development – Power Up Gambia Tel: 484-602-5234

For First Light Project Details

The primary focus of the First Light Project is to help Community Health Care and Education Facilities in the Developing World increase the amount of light and the quality of light while reducing the energy consumption and the operating costs. Many of the Hospitals, Clinics and Schools use the inefficient fluorescent tubes, and LED tube lights can reduce the energy cost by 50% or more. The LED tube lights for the First Light Project are American Made and meet the highest quality standards. The LED tube lights include a range of length, color temperature, wattage, and lens options for the cost-effective replacement of fluorescent tubes in a diverse range of applications.

The LED tube lights for clinics can serve as a means to support health care and education programs and classes in the Developing Countries. “We take light for granted in the industrialized world, and light is at its core is a means to foster a healthy body and mind. The diesel fuel used for generators and/or inefficient existing light sources contribute to Green House Gas Emissions, while LED tube lights help to reduce CO2 as well as reduce operating costs for clinics.” – Charlie Szoradi – CEO, Independence LED

The Five Point Program Overview:

#1: Developing Countries face dire healthcare challenges.

#2: Doctors, Nurses and Staff simply need light to perform their jobs.

#3: Electricity is in short order in many Developing Countries, especially in remote villages.

#4: Reliable, long lasting and high efficiency LED tube lighting can help medical service providers perform their jobs.

#5: The high efficiency factor of LED tube lighting SAVES Money so that clinics can use the resources on critical medical supplies.


Background: Kebba Badgie, the CEO of the Sulayman Junkung General Hospital (SJGH) in The Gambia met with Charlie Szoradi, the CEO of Independence LED, in Philadelphia over the late summer of 2012 on a trip from Africa. Lois Davidson, the Development Director from Power up Gambia, made the introduction and Mr. Szoradi provided Mr. Badgie with a range of different length, wattage, and color LED tubes to test in different areas of the Hospital in The Gambia. The Hospital is the recipient of a Solar Photovoltaic System by Power up Gambia and the battery system to store the electricity is strained by the cycling fatigue day after day. The facility which operates 24/7 still requires ten hours per day of additional support by generators that use diesel fuel to power the lights. The diesel is very costly and the LEDs would reduce the electricity cost by 50% and reduce the cycle time on the solar batteries dramatically extending their life. For feedback on the first wave of LED tube lights installed in the Hospital in The Gambia see LED Tube Lights in The Gambia

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