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Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design
Posted on Monday 26th October 2009

If you are thinking about renovating your home, it is important to make eco-friendly home improvements that satisfy your needs and desires, but also increase the value of your home. Real estate experts say there are three things that sell a house: kitchens, bathrooms and closets. Kitchens and baths have typically been the most common spaces to remodel. Now the statistics are showing that closets top more home buyers’ “list of wants.” Take time to re-evaluate your closet; and make choices that bring long-term investments financially and environmentally.

A green closet doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Select a creative closet designer that uses eco-friendly products both functionally and aesthetically; and make sure your closet upholds some basic GREEN standards.

  1. If using melamine, there are many sources for ones with low to no VOC. li>If using real wood or veneers, confirm that the wood comes from sustainable forests or recycled materials. Also, make sure the finishes emit low to no VOC as well.
  2. Use flooring manufactured from materials like bamboo and cork, free of formaldehyde and other toxic fume emission.
  3. Some eco-friendly countertop options include lava stone and basalt stone.
  4. Use of ABC rather than PCB plastics, eliminating dangerous flurocarbons and out gasses.
  5. No VOC paint on wall, ceiling and shelving surfaces.
  6. Incorporation of natural lighting whenever possible (placing shelving near windows, for example).
  7. Where natural light is unavailable, the use of low-wattage fixtures placed for maximum efficiency and aesthetic balance.
  8. If installing a charging station or coffee maker in your closet, use energy efficient appliances that reduce excessive electricity consumption.
  9. Once your closet is installed, translate the same materials and habits into the daily use of your closet. Use cedar balls, and lavender liners to get rid of bugs naturally. Bamboo hangers are a green alternative to standard hangers. And use a green dry cleaner, if one is available in your area. If not, discard of the hazardous plastic covers before housing them in your new eco-friendly closet.

When evaluating your renovation, think about your closet. This space is just as important as your kitchen and bathrooms. Not only will it bring a financial return in the long; if well designed with eco-friendly materials, it can be an inviting sanctuary for your treasured belongings.

Lisa Adams is the creative force behind LA Closet Design, a full service firm offering personalized living spaces created to clam the chaos of everyday living. Incorporating environmentally-conscious materials that have visual interest is an underlying principle and encourages the idea of a wardrobe as a living space. Green friendly services and products available through ,a href= "">

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