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Finding the Best Way to Save Energy For You

Posted on Friday 18th March 2011

As the Green movement sweeps across the nation, many people and organizations are beginning to focus their efforts in specific areas. There are so many different ways to be more energy efficient. It seems that the new ‘best way to go green’ pops up every day. Rather than trying to make everything ‘green’ all at once, it makes more sense to focus efforts in areas where it makes sense to be more energy efficient.

It is common knowledge that vehicles are some of the largest contributors to C02 emissions. That is why many people have started purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles. The public recognized a problem, found a way to fix it, and are now embracing the change. The logic is simple; instead of waiting for the oil refinery to switch to clean energy, an instant impact can be made by switching to a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Although alternative energy vehicles are generally the most popular method of energy efficiency, they are not always the best for your budget, especially if you own a business. Enhancing your building envelope, improving the HVAC system, or upgrading your lighting can all be great ways to be more energy efficient and save money in the process.

While admittedly some of these improvements may be a little expensive in these hard economic times, the cost is relative to your needs. For example, an office building may not need to do an expensive overhaul of their HVAC system when some window or insulation replacements may yield the same results.

In other sectors, companies may simply be very limited in the measures they can take to save energy. For example, if you own a parking garage, upgrading your HVAC system or building envelope may not be viable options. However, by installing solar panels or high-efficiency lighting, you can save energy and money on the 24-hour operation of the lights in the garage.

Certain companies have realized the opportunity for savings in these sectors and have risen to meet the demand. Towne Park, a leading parking operator in North America, recently announced that they have contracted Green Garage Associates to roll-out a national sustainability program to their over 300 properties. Green Garage Lighting, LLC, is proud to be the supplier of energy efficient LED lighting for this national program.

In this energy revolution it is important to keep and open mind toward new ideas. Just because something has been done in the past does not mean it is the best thing for today. It is all about finding what is right for your specific needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re a soccer mom who drives a hybrid minivan or the Fortune 500 Company who upgrades entire factories, finding the right way for you to save energy is the best thing for the environment and your wallet.

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