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LED Manufacturer is recognized for Leadership in International Service

Posted on Sunday 21st October 2012

Upper Main Line Philadelphia Rotarian is recognized for Leadership in International Service

Green comes in many shades. The spirit of the initial “Green Movement” back in the 1960s and 1970s was about a mantra to, “Think Global and Act Local”. A recent initiative in Greater Philadelphia called the First Light Project ( has all of the makings of the core spirit that has driven multiple generations to think outside of the box and aim high for change. Not just change in process and technology, but change that truly fosters a stewardship for the planet and the means of sustainability for its residents. The First Light Project was conceived by a Board Member of the Upper Main Line Rotary Club, Charlie Szoradi, who is the CEO of Independence LED (

The premise is simple: Work with local Rotary Clubs and local business in Industrialized Countries to support cost-effective “Light” for hospitals and schools in Developing Countries. Mr. Szoradi and his company have seeded the project with the initial LED lights for a pilot program at a hospital in the Gambia, and they are committed to proving matching product all along the path as the program grows. The high efficiency LED tube lights reduce the cost of operations by 50% or more and enable hospitals and schools to illuminate areas that were previously under lit or dark. Cost effective light that is taken for granted in so many parts of the world is a key driver for improvements in healthcare and education that are the very building blocks of …civilization.

On September 5th, 2012. District Governor David Ellis presents a Rotary Citation to Charlie Szoradi, Upper Main Line Rotary Club Board Member, for Leadership in International Service. The presentation was held at the Waynesborough Country Club, and at the event that began the Upper Main Line Rotary’s weekly breakfast meeting. Mr. Szoradi thanked the District Governor David Ellis and said that he, “accepts this appreciation on behalf of all of the fellow Upper Main Line Rotary Club members that have helped to get the First Light Program off the ground.”

The Upper Main Line Rotary Club is one of the most recent additions to Rotary District 7450 of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Rotary District 7450 Clubs ( The Rotary impact:A founding principle of Rotary was to provide a forum for professional and business leaders for networking across business owners and people in management positions. Rotary creates fellowship and ways to raise money and use financial resources to help humanity on a local community level, national level, and international level. About 1.2 million Rotarians belong to more than 31,500 Rotary Clubs worldwide (Rotary International – Local clubs may combine their humanitarian influence worldwide.

The First Light Project is an example of a local program with an international outreach.

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The LED Tube Light impact: This LED Tube light matching donation initiative, by a Rotarian and CEO of an American LED manufacturer, is hopefully an example of a new trend in energy philanthropy. America would benefit from more manufacturing and any new LED manufacturer would create jobs and all of the resulting benefits even if they do not choose the charitable contribution path. LED manufacturers have typically been overseas, but Independence LED moved its LED manufacturing from China to Boyertown, Pennsylvania in 2010. The company has seen a tremendous lift in its sales as a U.S. based LED manufacturer as the LED tube lights market has grown. Their commitment to donate LED tubes lights to communities that need them most is hopefully a trend that other LED manufacturers will adopt by teaming up on the First Light Project. The global demand for energy reduction has driven the growth of LED manufacturers and there is no end in sight for the world’s appetite to replace the billions of inefficient fluorescent tubes and other types of “old tech” lighting.

The First Light Project is an example of a local program with an international outreach.

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