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Energy Saving Grant for Minority, Women, & Veteran owned businesses.

Posted on Thursday 8th November 2012

The private sector is stepping up in new ways to support American businesses that the public sector has not to date.

Independence LED (, a Pennsylvania manufacturer of energy saving LED tube lights and multi tube light fixtures, has launched an Energy Saving Grant program specifically for Minority, Women, and Veteran business enterprises. The program is set for Pennsylvania first, since it is the home state of the company.

Based on the traction and availability of additional funds beyond the $5 Million allocated for Pennsylvania, Independence LED may consider rolling out the program in 2013 to other states across the country. Industry insiders expect that the states beyond Pennsylvania would include other northeast corridor states and possibly California given the higher cost per kWh than the U.S. average.

Independence LED’s Chairman said, “Our success in the LED tube light industry has triggered the initiation of this Grant Program for Minority, Women, and Veteran owned business across our home state of Pennsylvania. When we learned about the disproportionally high unemployment levels among Veterans and Minorities, we were even more motivated to support our fellow business owners in Pennsylvania and reward their entrepreneurial spirit. Since lighting typically accounts for about a third of commercial electricity consumption, and our LEDs reduce the cost by 50%, every dollar saved can go towards either retaining or hiring key employees.” When questioned about the roll out to other states, Mr. Szoradi responded, “We are open to expanding the program in 2013 to other states especially those with political leadership that has set target benchmarks for energy efficiency. Governors from both parties can inspire change to reduce energy waste, and we added Veteran owned business to our Grant program in to support all of those that have served our country.”

The Grant includes multiple different elements relates to the savings generated by LED tube lights: 10% of the Cost of the LED tube light Retrofit Equipment up to $50,000 in Grant payments per business location; 100% of the Cost of an Energy Analysis; 6 Month Extension on the National CASH for CLUNKERS T12 program; $0 Down Payment Financing Options with cash flow positive results for qualified businesses.

To see the Energy Saving Grant eligibility requirements and details, see: Independence LED Grant Program for LED tube lights.

The Made in America Advantage:Independence LED has not only launched the Grant program to help American businesses reduce operating costs, but they have also has made a commitment to U.S. manufacturing and job creation. Independence LED moved its manufacturing of their LED tube lights from China to Boyertown, PA in 2010. The Company has seen a tremendous lift in demand and leadership respect across the engineering landscape. Over the course of 2011, Lockheed Martin’s engineering team conducted the reviews and approved the Independence LED tube light system over others for the coveted Con Edison Rebates in the NYC Metro Market. The Independence LED “External Driver” system has set a new standard. The LED tube light has “Deep Fin” thermal management and “Flex Density™”. For 2011, Independence LED won the Green Business of the Year Award from the Main Line Chamber of Commerce, and their LED tube light clients now range from leading Fortune 500 companies in Financial Services and Insurance to Distribution Centers and National Auto Service Chains. The retrofit of 50 different Auto Service locations across CT and NJ includes over 6 miles of LED Tubes and may stand as the largest installation of LED Tubes in the U.S. to date. Plus, Independence may have set the record for the largest single facility retrofitted with LED tube lights to date. See: Largest LED Tube Light Retrofit - Media Coverage Page.

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