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American Airlines Lightens Energy Bill With Lighting Retrofit

Pete Musser - Contributing Writer
Posted on Tuesday 6th October 2009

American Airlines and Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC are close to completing a project that will replace more that 1,600 incandescent lighting fixtures with new LED bulbs. The venture is set to completely retrofit two multi-story parking garages near the airline’s corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. The operation is one of the largest single installations of LED lighting in the United States, Oncor says.

American Airlines will also receive $362,887 in financial incentives over the next 12 months through Oncor’s “Take A Load Off, Texas, LED Lighting Program,” which is a progressive new solution to help offset some of the cost of installing the new lights.

The LED lighting being installed emits a clear, white direct light that will improve security and visibility in the parking garages undergoing the retrofit. The lights, provided by Lighting Science Group of Satellite Beach, Fla., consume 60 percent less energy and last 50,000 hours or three times longer than traditional light sources, resulting reduced maintenance costs and green house gas emissions, according to Oncor. Lighting accounts for about 20 percent to 30 percent of commercial electricity costs, making savings from using energy efficient lights significant.

Oncor is a regulated electric distribution company that has made substantial progress in matching LED manufacturers with businesses interested in upgrading their energy efficiency. Oncor found that many companies struggle with the upfront financing of the switch to new, energy efficient lighting, so Oncor designed its financially incentivizing “Take A Load Off, Texas, LED Lighting Program.” The program offers commercial, non-profit and governmental customers monetary enticement upon the completion of a lighting project.

Michael Stockard, the Energy Efficient Programs Director at Oncor, is confident that the program will help motivate businesses to make the switch.

“This is a perfect example of how the Take A Load Off, Texas LED Lighting Program can deliver clear savings for companies and help to reduce energy demand,” said Mr. Stockard.

It is becoming easier and more attractive for companies to consider converting to cost effective lighting, and it is only a matter of time before progressive U.S. businesses witness an increase in savings and environmental conservation. A private sector company, LED Saving Solutions, is also focusing on cost containment by offering $100 million in LED lighting retrofits at zero out-of-pocket expense to schools, hospitals, office buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, hotels and other businesses across the United States.

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