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The Tenacious Hunt for REBATES on LED Tube Lights

Posted on Wednesday 17th October 2012

A leading U.S. manufacture of LED tube lights refuses to give up on the rebate path for a client that want to save money with led tube fixtures.

Independence LED ( proposed to provide the lighting (250 fixtures) for a comprehensive retrofit of the Ship's Tavern parking garage in Wilmington, DE. The garage owners wanted to do the project, but the savings were simply not enough to justify the cost of the retrofit. Independence LED did some research and found out that the state of Delaware created its own Sustainable Energy Utility to provide financial incentives to spur energy efficiency initiatives, as opposed to delegating the incentive program to private utilities. The program, named "Energize Delaware", offered $150 per qualified fixture for parking garage LED lighting upgrades.

Independence LED’s Lighting Director Steve Marshall worked closely with Energize Delaware's third party administrators over a period of several months to qualify the American Made Independence LED tube garage fixture, including filing several iterations of the incentive application. Funding for the incentive closed prior to completion of the led tube manufacture and installation of the led tube lights. Independence LED filed an appeal and lobbied the appropriate parties, which resulted in the grant of an extension on the LED tube rebate. In the end, the maximum allowable incentive, $50,000, was secured and the project was successfully completed. According to Ship's Tavern managing partner Andy DiSabatino, "We are proud to have partnered with Independence LED Lighting on one of the largest energy efficient lighting retrofit projects in the history of the state of Delaware. We are pleased with the quality of the light emitted by their fixtures and even more pleased by the significant decrease in garage electricity costs."

In the new Energy Economy, tenacity appears to have won the day along with quality technology.

For more information on LED tube Rebates see the Con Edison article on the largest led tube light Retrofit in U.S. history: REBATES on LED Tube Lights

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