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Interested in becoming a contributing writer or guest blogger for We welcome writings that reflect 'green' concepts, interests and innovation which work towards and accomplish how that affects, supports and empowers our visitors. All writing styles welcomed. Qualifications & Terms of Use: By using this GREENandSAVE Contributing Writing service, you must abide by the following:
  • You must be registered with GREENandSAVE and have a valid email address.
  • Your postings must be positive in nature, and pertain to 'green' topics; from reflections on daily life to published articles, 'green' interests, events and more.
  • GREENandSAVE asks that Contributing Writers make at least 3 to 5 submissions per month to the GREENandSAVE News & Entertainment Team to be considered an "active" Contributing Writer.
  • By submitting your writing to the GREENandSAVE News & Entertainment, you also give full permission to have your material featured in the GREENandSAVE News & Entertainment section weekly, or as often as material allows.
  • We understand that your writing is your property by law. You keep all copyrights.
GREENandSAVE makes no guarantee that your work will published or online 100% of the time. To submit sample content to become a GREENandSAVE Contributing Writer, please email
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