Solar Roof Shingles

Consider: Energy Generating Shingles and Tile Options and Solar Roof Angle Design.

Photovoltaic tiles and shingles serve as a conventional roof covering for weather protection, while generating clean solar electricity to commercial and residential buildings. The shingles do not generate as high of a performance ‘yield’ as panels but they are often well suited of certain homes, aesthetic concerns, or restrictions by homeowner associations.

Solar Roof Tiles
As solar technology continues along an upward trend of advancement, the outcome is solar equipment that better suits the public’s demand for more eye-pleasing devices and increased utility. Solar roof tiles meet both these needs, offering an alternative to the bulkier solar panel. Unlike solar panels, solar roof tiles interlock to existing roof tiles without screws. This means that no additional roof framing or roof penetration is required.

Like solar panels, solar roof tiles utilize photovoltaic technology to transfer sunlight into electricity. Solar roof tiles are connected to each other via MC or other suitable connector type used in photovoltaics. The average power range for shingles is 50 watts.

Solar roof tiles are favored for their seamless look that fits into the shape of roof. They scale easily to meet various size needs. Individual tiles can be replaced without removing surrounding material. In addition, solar roof tiles add a layer of insulation that protects the roof from UV exposure and weather damage, extending the life of the roof by up to 30 years and reducing heating and cooling costs.

The shingles weigh about 2.5 lbs per square ft. and are typically blue in color. One module replaces about five standard concrete tiles. They are durable and easy to maintain. Solar roof tiles are made by companies such as Sharp Electronics, PowerLight, SunPower, and General Electric.

Solar Roof Shingles
Companies like OKsolar offer innovative new technology. Combining solar innovation with award winning design, the flexible Photovotaic - PV Shingles (SHR) assumes the pattern of traditional asphalt shingles. The new PV shingle enables roofs of residential or commercial buildings to become sources of electricity as well as protection from the elements. The PV shingle face is textured to blend and complement the granular surface of conventional surrounding shingles. Each shingle is 12 inches (30.48 cm) wide by 86.5 inches (219.71 cm) long and nailed in place on roof decking over 30 lb. felt sheeting. Electrical lead wires, #18AWG, extend 12 inches (30.48 cm) from underside of each shingle and pass through the roof deck allowing interior roof space connections. Once in place, the sun’s warmth helps bond shingles together forming a weather-resistant seal. Cell exposure 5.0 inches (12.7 cm) x 86.4 inches (219.46 cm). Array size depends on power demands.

The right home improvement products, techniques, and services:
Contractors, home improvement stores, and specialty shops in your area may not yet have a complete familiarity with the ‘green’ opportunities, products, system integration, and overall savings potential. So, you may get some resistance, since people in general are typically more comfortable recommending something that they are already familiar with rather than something new. To help break the inertia, use the information across this website like our Return on Investment Master ROI Table. Also feel free to post a question in our forum on the message board about a particular need for your home relative to your area. Our team has spent multiple years aggregating research from public and private sector performance reports and from manufacturers and homeowners across the country in order to provide you with the perspective you may need to see the initial payback and long term advantages. Environmental enthusiasts and leading institutions like the American Institute of Architects and the National Association of Realtors, see the value and link into our resources to support their members.

The Green Home:
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Home Improvement Basics:
When it comes to home improvement basics, look for interior home improvements like creating a clean, safe, and healthy home through sustainable ‘green’ furniture, home décor, zero VOC and Interior Paint, plus ENERGY STAR Appliances and Electronics. For energy and utility savings you can focus on insulation and air sealing, windows, doors, lighting and skylights, water saving plumbing opportunities, and high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems. On the outside of your house, look for exterior home improvement opportunities through landscape design and gardening plus solar energy, wind and other power sources. If you are undertaking a major home renovation, an additions, or building a new home, then take the lead to ‘go green’ in as many ways as possible to save money and the environment.
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