Kitchen Recycled Plastic Countertops

Material definition: Highly durable material made from recycled plastics that would otherwise go to the landfill

Tips for Selection: High content of recycled plastic is preferable.

  1. easy to clean
  2. durable (particularly impact and heat resistant)
  3. recycled content

  1. may scratch, but can be sanded out in most cases
  2. not recyclable
  3. may flex over time

  4. Average Material Cost: * $50-$100 per square foot

    OVERVIEW on Kitchen Countertops: The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, and the right choice for kitchen counter tops is key to the successful execution and ongoing use of the space. Now more than ever, you can choose from a diverse range of kitchen counter materials. For each aspect of home design and remodeling you can also strive to make choices that are 1) Functional, 2) Stylish, 3) Cost-Effective, and 4) Environmentally Sustainable. These are the four key guiding principles in the GREENandSAVE strategy. You will find that in certain cases, one or two of the criteria take precedent over others. However, as you review the home improvement options that are right for your home, you may be surprised to learn that reaching all four is more achievable than you thought.

    Selection Tip: In choosing a kitchen countertop material make sure to think through its integration with your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and the backsplash that will work best for your design and installation. Solid surface and natural stone materials typically need to be precut prior to installation versus tiles that can be cut and set right on the job site. Kitchen countertop backsplashes sometimes look great when they match the countertop material, but you can alternatively enhance the countertop material by choosing a different tile to run from the top edge of the counter all of the way up to the underside of the head cabinet. If you decide on the tiles, also take care in choosing the right color grout and look for new tile grouts that are stain resistant.

    DETAILS on Kitchen Recycled Plastic Countertops: Plastic countertops made from recycled materials range widely in look, recycled content, recyclability and composition. Some are made of compressed yogurt containers and aluminum, while others end up looking close to terrazzo (such as Origins, a 100-percent recycled post-consumer polyethylene material made by Yemm and Hart.

    GREEN Considerations: Recycled plastic surfaces are typically quite long lasting, resist moisture and do not offgas VOC
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