LED Specification White Paper

Green and Save Staff
Posted on Friday 14th February 2014

In an effort to provide assistance to specification writers that are tasked with identifying the most cost-effective energy efficient lighting for their properties in sectors such as commercial, industrial, institutional, and military, Independence LED Chairman and CEO Charles Szoradi has written an LED Specification White Paper that identifies key specification areas of focus and language to maximize savings at the lowest cost of ownership with the most reliable LED lighting technology.

The LED Specification White Paper includes several key topics designed to help companies, property owners and operators select the best lighting solution to help reduce short and long term operating costs.

Topics Include:

About Independence LED Lighting

Independence LED is a U.S. manufacturer of LED tubes and fixtures. The company focuses on linear LED “tube” lighting and linear fixture applications. The company has developed over six incremental improved versions of its LED tube technology since 2010, has patents filed in over 40 different countries, and installations across the globe in the public and private sector, including over 20 ships for the US NAVY’s Military Sealift Command since 2011.

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